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Engine restore- dont overhaul till you read this

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  • Listed: July 22, 2015 4:03 pm
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engine restorer


ATTENTION: If you have a vehicle with the following engine problems such as low compression, burning oil, blow by, etc…Hold off on an engine overhaul as it may not be needed. Read this first.
Frequently Asked Questions
For engine over 50.000 miles or 80.000km
Is the product for diesel and gas engines? Yes, for both diesel and gas but for diesel use ONLY if common rail fuel system (Not in HEUI system , — call the dealer / casa if your car is a common rail fuel system or not).
Product claims it will restore engine compression to be almost like new, what if all cylinders or majority are showing 100 psi, what expectations do I have in the new psi reading after install and will it keep it?
Generally if compression loss is due to normal wear, it will restore cylinder compression to within 95% of original compression

After oil change with product, can I add more of the product if oil level is low? Not recommended/Not necessary.
On initial application, may I add more products than required and at what quantity to engine? Not recommended to exceed dosage written on can.
Will it stop blow by? Yes.
At what point is product no longer applicable based in engine condition?
Will not work on engines that have major mechanical problems. Such as engine lock up, engine knock due to push rod etc.

Will this stop an engine burning oil? Yes, if due to blow-by.
Will it fix current engine oil leaks regarding seals and gaskets? No.
How is your product different and also similar to other oil-stabilizer? Restore and otherare not similar. Restore does not modify viscosity of the oil.

Once product is applied, do I need to continue using it on succeeding oil changes? Yes, every 3,000 miles to 5,000 miles (5,000-7,500 Km).
Will product clog up lines and filters? No, but important that filter be clean and not have excessive dirt and sludge buildup in engine.
If there are currently other oil additives in the engine, can I add product with the existing additives or do I have to drain and start over? Should not use Restore with other oil additives in engine. Recommend to add Restore when changing oil and oil filter.
Price P2000 a bottle for a 4 cylinder engine, for 6 cylinder engine it would take 1 and 1/2 bottles, for 8 cylinder engine it would take 2 bottles
and cylinder walls.
more info—Optimum combustion requires a tight seal between the piston rings and cylinder wall in order to have maximum compression of the intake air/fuel mixture during the compression stroke. Likewise, during the combustion power stroke it is necessary to have a tight seal to avoid combustion gas leaking past the piston rings. Poor combustion and blow-by not only waste fuel energy that robs engine power, it also burns off oil on the cylinder walls and contaminates the oil by producing soot and sludge.
Expansion of burning fuel in the combustion chambers moves the pistons up and down inside the cylinders which produces power and delivers torque to the drivetrain. In a newer engine, the seal between the piston rings and cylinder wall is good enough to maintain proper compression and adequately seal during combustion. Over time the cylinders gradually wear out and fail to maintain maximum compression. To understand the mechanism of this wear, one must analyze what is happening on the microscopic scale. Both the piston rings and cylinders have small “peaks and valleys” on their surfaces which are continually sliding over each other at a high rate of speed. Normally the motor oil maintains a hydrodynamic boundary layer separating the two metal surfaces, but sometimes this oil film breaks down and allows the “peaks” of the metal surfaces to collide. When this happens the peaks actually weld together from intense heat and friction, then break off producing microscopic wear particles. This wear process eventually reaches a point where the piston rings can no longer seal tightly against the cylinder wall. The most pronounced wear is located at TDC (Top Dead Center) where the piston reaches the top of its stroke inside the combustion chamber. This area has the least amount of lubrication, the most amount of heat, and the highest frictional force due to the horizontal directional change of the piston connecting rods.
Every engine gradually wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. Over time the seal between piston rings and cylinder walls become less and less effective. This results in compression loss, which means your engine will have less power, rough idle and sluggish acceleration. It also increases blow-by which causes oil burning, exhaust smoke, and increased amounts of sludge formation. RESTORE repairs worn out areas in the cylinder walls to improve the seal between piston rings and cylinder walls.
RESTORE is the only product that contains the technologically advanced CSL formulation which actually fills in and seals microscopic leaks in the cylin

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